Name Zapper
Kanji 裁断者(ザッパー)
Romanji Zappā
Race Frankenstein
Gender Male
Affiliations Lord Corpse
Relatives Lord Corpse (creator)
Manga Debut Oneshot 1

One of Lord Corpse's Frankensteins and considered his "Latest and Greatest" work, Zapper was easily destroyed by John Doe, who torn apart his body with a "Blood Thrust" from his chest.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Zapper is on a higher level then both regular and enhanced function-type Frankenstein. Made from the muscle fibers of a hundred carefully selected men, Zapper uses his massive left arm to swing his large broadsword around with terrifying force, with one slash being enough to kill several people and even being able to cut off one of John's arms.

However, despite his great strength, Zapper was proven to be no match for a specialized function-type like John Doe, who easily shattered his giant sword with a single attack before ripping him to pieces in mere seconds.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Zapper was extremely loyal to Lord Cadaver, serving him and doing as he asked. He also seemed to have low intelligence, never speaking until his fight with John Doe. It's here we see him express great fear of John (even calling him a "Monster" as he's about to meet his demise) after witnessing just how powerful the other Frankenstein was compared to him.

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