Wraith Allen
Name Wraith Allen
Kanji レイス=アレン
Romanji Reisu = Aren
Race Frankenstein
Birthday September 11
Age 18 (at the moment of death)
Gender Male
Heigth 180cm
Weigth 73kg
Origin Scotland, England
Blood Type B
Zodiac Virgo
Relatives Robert Weiss (creator)
Likes Fury Flatliner
Dislikes Parents, Lord Weiss, Shade, Edel and all servents of the mansion
Hobby Observing Humans
Special Skill Marksmanship
Manga Debut Chapter 1

An eighteen year old who's parents were killed by a Frankenstein five years ago, along with Fury's and Edel's. He is not so obsessed with vengeance like Fury. Wraith dies in the fight will Titan, the Frankenstein that killed his parents, but is turned into a Frankenstein himself by Robert Weiss. He actually starts to like his new body and gains an interest to Frankenstein. Wraith later kills Edel, which angers Fury and he attacks him and forces Wraith to run. He travels to London to study the Frankensteins.

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