Name Titan
Kanji ティターン
Romanji Titān
Race Frankenstein
Gender Male
Relatives Robert Weiss (creator)
Manga Debut Chapter 1

A Frankenstein who killed the parents of Fury, Wraith and Edel. He was created by Robert Weiss, while experimenting with mixed-builds, but was considered as failure, so he experimented on him and increased his fighting power and size. He was then sent to collect more raw materials. He fought with Fury and Wraith, who destroyed his hands. But then he opened his mouth, which is usually stitched and revealed revealed his multiple and sharp teeth. He then gave Fury a mortal neck wound, he then bit Wraith in two, which angered Fury, who attacked him and at the same moment lighting struck both Fury and Titan which electrically charged Furys knives who used them to break the Titans electrodes, thus killing him.

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