Tigerlily Coffin
Name Tigerlily Coffin
Kanji タイガーリリィ=コフィン
Romanji Taigāriryi = Kofin
Race Frankenstein


Birthday August 3
Age 18 (at moment of death)
Gender Female
Heigth 158cm
Weigth 48kg
Origin Ingolstadt, Germany
Blood Type A
Zodiac Virgo
Affiliations Polar Route(former)

Blitz Guruda(current)

Relatives Doktor Richter (Creator)

Hildegard Peaberry(Creator)

Ability Specialized Sensory System
Manga Debut Chapter 12

Tigerlily Coffin is the 5th of the 8 specialized Frankensteins created by Dr. Richter known as "The Ultimate Eight" specialized Frankensteins. Dr. Peaberry can be considered Tigerlilys "mother", while Dr. Richter can be considered her "father".

She currently works for The Count, and Blitz Guruda.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Tigerlily was originally a citizen of Ingolstadt who was slowly dying of disease and feared that she lose her memories during her Frankenstein operation. This actually happened when she was turned into Frankenstein, she no longer has any mercy towards the living and act out of her own interest and superiority as a Frankenstein.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Super-human strength: Though she usually doesn't fight she was shown to be strong enough to chop of Black Skulls head with her bare hands when Dr. Peaberry was using him as a puppet.

Super-human Agility: Tigerlily was able to dodge John Doe Briar Cross, a feat that most Frankensteins are incapable of.

Specialized Sensory System: Tigerlily senses have been enhanced to an inhuman degree. Vision, hearing, smell, taste and tact if she deploys all of them to the maximum, she can synchronize to every gesture of her opponent and take appropriate counter-measures. Despite all that, her main skill is her sight. With her three eyes, she is able to see great detail, or even through objects, such as when she looked though the modified Black Skull to see Dr. Peaberry.

She is able to create floating eyeball like sensory devices, which she can use like wireless cameras, or to record and play back things they have seen, just like projectors. She can control these devices for up to twenty four hours.

While her main skill lies in her enhanced sight all her senses are enhanced such as her hearing which is sharp enough to notice that Jack the Ripper had been released despite him being imprisoned deep underground. Her sense of touch is strong enough to analyze the composition of air.

However even if her senses have been deployed to their maximum if her thoughts are distorted, if she is distracted, she won't be able to maintain awareness and make use of the information that she sees and hears, making her vulnerable to sneak attacks.

  • Flash Point hypnosis: Tigerlily uses her third eye to hypnotize people. This ability can also be transmitted to the eyeball like sensory devices she creates through her eye sockets, although this is difficult and can not maintain it for very long. she used this ability to make Frederick Abberline think he was a train and to make so that the civilians wouldn't see the fight between Fury and Wraith. It can be used to break people minds with enough time, as it is shown in her fight with John. Although it is very powerful it has a few weakness since it seems a person can be snapped out of the hypnosis which was shown when Fury punched Abberline and she can only make things unnoticeable if what she wants to go unnoticed is within her perception field. Hypnosis also doesn't work in certain targets, since Tigerlily wasn't able to break John's mind, since according to him "his mind was already broken".
  • Thermal Vision: Tigerlily can see the thermal energy emitted by the living organisms around her.
  • Eye Ray: Tigerlily only offensive ability. By filling the inside of the eyeball with galvanic current and them rising the voltage to the limit, a great amount of energy linearly builds up in the crystalline. Until it is released all at once creating an energy beam in the process. It´s only disadvantage is that after each eyeball is vaporized, thus needing a replacement, but since her line of sight and line of fire align the probability to hit the target is close to 100%.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tigerlily believes in Frankenstein superiority, and feels that they have no reason to work with or for humans, and that Frankensteins can simply take anything they want. She shows no mercy in anything she does, and often shows great forethought and intelligence as she deals with people.

She seems to have affections for The Count to the point of entrusting her body to him and allowing him to do her maintenance. She obeys him without hesitation and follows his beliefs that Frankensteins are superior to humans and that all Frankensteins are brethren.

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