The Priest
Name The Priest
Kanji 神父(しんぷ)
Romanji Shinpu
Race Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Polar Route
Manga Debut Chapter 5.5
A member of Polar Route who runs a storage facility in Britain, disguising it as a church and himself as its priest. He welcomed Ashuhito and Peaberry, giving and selling them tools for Frankenstein repair, but was knocked unconscious when he tried to attack Dr. Peaberry after discovering her to be marked by Polar Route.

He later tried to hire Cadaverick Spasm to hunt down and kill Dr. Peaberry, but was killed by the stray Frankenstein instead.


Skilled in the maintenance of Frankensteins, the priest charged strays for a fee, and prepared tools and supplies for members of Polar Route. When he needs to defend himself, the priest uses his Anti-Frankenstein weapon, the Rocket Pistol. Powerful enough to blow up his entire facility in one shot, as well as break both his arms in the blast, it is designed to kill any Frankenstein. It failed however to kill Cadaverick Spasm, who had specialized stone like skin.


The Rocket Pistol


Very loyal to Polar Route, the priest welcomed Ashuhito to his facility eagerly, asking for information from headquarters and about his work. He responded with extreme hostility to the idea of a marked person, drawing a weapon quickly.

He looks down on Frankensteins as inferior, especially strays.

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