The Doktor
Name The Doktor
Kanji 先生(ドクトア)
Romanji Dokutoa
Race Human
Gender Male
Relatives Friedhöff‎‎ (creation)
Special Skill Frankenstein creator
Manga Debut Oneshot 2
A Frankenstein creator, who encountered Ashuhito and Elm when they were lured to his village. The pair killed him and the bulk of his Frankenstein in one electrified blow.


A skilled doctor, he originally ran a hospital in a city. Though he is highly skilled, and in possession of a copy of Victor Frankensteins white book, he was unable to make a proper Frankenstein. His creation was called Friedhöff, meaning courtyard, and was a massive number of corpses all strung together at hips and limbs. Its core was a single body, but the whole entity was considered a single Frankenstein. Ashuhito said that The Doctors skill was too low.

He uses a rifle to protect himself.


Obsessed with Frankensteins and gaining knowledge, The Doctor lives up to the reputation of those who involve themselves in Frankensteins by being both evil and insane.

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