Name Scavenger
Kanji スカベンジャー
Romanji Sukabenjā
Race Frankenstein


Age Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliations Polar Route(former)

Blitz Guruda(former)

Elm L. Renegade(current)

Relatives Doktor Richter(creator)
Ability Specialized Digestive System
Likes Pudding, sweets
Dislikes Starving
Manga Debut Chapter 12

The 3rd of Dr. Richters 8 specialized Frankensteins Known as "The Ultimate Eight". He worked as a guard for the headquarters of Blitz Guruda, eating any intruders.

He eventually left Blitz Guruda and started helping Elm after being bribed.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Enhanced Tongue: Scanvenger's tongue is tough and fast enough to catch bullets.

Specialized Digestive System: Scavenger's stomach contains many pseudo-eggs of parasitic insect type frankensteins. Depending on his needs, he hatches them and spits them out. Once their roll is complete, he can consume them and return them to their egg forms.

Scavenger has multiple types of parasites, but all of them take the form of a massive worm like beast, with many teeth. He can create a larger parasite with bat-like wings capable of flight, he once used this parasite to leave England along with Tigerlily and Lord Corpse.

But Scavenger manly uses a large insect to ingest a large quantity of mass and a rank of smaller insects for fine mastication. These parasites are capable of consuming everything from human flesh to debris.

Scavenger's arsenal also includes stomach-like parasites capable of shooting gastric acid, which it was shown to be able to melt buildings.

After modifications by Lord Corpse, he now has multiple fake bodys (terminals), who act as additional stomachs, giving him even more parasites to work with. However these bodys also restrain the real Scavenger which allowed Lord Corpse to control him and put Scavenger in a state of perpetual hunger.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Scavenger does not speak much, as using his abilities makes him unable to speak. He seems to always be hungry and has an incredible appetite, eating everything without pause or discrimination. It can be said that Scavenger is surprisingly childish becoming friendly with Elm just by receiving pudding form her and falling fast asleep after a meal, without a care in the world, despite all the destruction that may be around him.

Quote[edit | edit source]

"I'm Hungry"

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