Robert Weiss
Robert Weiss
Name Robert Weiss
Kanji ロバート=ワイス
Romanji Robāto = Waisu
Race Human
Gender Male
Relatives Edel Weiss (adopted daughter)

Violet (daughter)
Mary (ex-wife)
Shade Jason (creation)
Titan (creation)
Wraith Allen (creation)

Manga Debut Chapter 3

A viscount and former professor of medicine. He took in Fury, Wraith and Edel five years ago, hiring the boys as gamekeepers and adopting Edel as his daughter. When he divorced with Mary, she took Edel with her. After that Robert tried everything to find her again, but the only thing he found a book for creation of Frankensteins. That moment he decided to create another Edel for himself. In the beginning all of his creations were failures and he was close to give up few times. But after Fury and Wraith came with the girl who looks like Edel, it seemed he will succeed. He made Titan, a failure Frankenstein who killed Fury's and Wraith' parents. He also turned into Frankensteins his gamekeeper Shade and all of this employees at the mansion. He dreamed to make everyone around him Frankensteins, so that they may live happily. His plans was destroyed at the end by Fury and soon after that, he was killed by Wraith.


As a Doctor and an owner of a copy of the black Frankenstein book, Weiss was able to transform all of his servants into loyal Frankensteins of moderate power. He was able to construct the modified Frankenstein Titan, and revive Wraith with his memories intact. Wraith can be considered his greatest failure, as his own creation killed him and his psudo-daughter.


Robert Weiss went mad after his wife left him and took their daughter. He became obsessed with rebuilding his family, and after discovering Frankenstein science, began to use it to get closer to his dream of a perfect family. He helps people with charity or financial problems, but only for his own gain. Weather to get new body parts from city morgues, or to win the loyalty of his employees, his kindness is a false identity.



Shade Jason

Wraith Allen

The Eight Employees;

Eight butlers, maids, and groundskeepers of Weiss, all voluntarily turned into his loyal frankensteins. They used gardening tools to fight, and transformed into vicious looking monsters when Weiss used a remote controlled tool. They were killed by Dr. Peaberry and Wraith.


Three of the eight in their transformed states

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