Ripper Hopper
Ripper Hopper
Name Ripper Hopper
Kanji リッパー=ホッパー
Romanji Rippā = Hoppā
Race Frankenstein
Age 19 (at the moment of death)
Gender Male
Heigth 180cm
Weigth 65kg
Origin East End, England
Blood Type AB
Likes Killing, Breathing
Manga Debut Chapter 13

Ripper Hopper, AKA Jack the Ripper, is a insane Frankenstein, is 2nd of the Eight Specialized types created by Dr. Richter Senior known as "The Ultimate Eight".


The Second in the line of eight, Jack has a specialized Respiratory System , from which he can release super compressed air from his mouth, from vents on his palms or heels, or from his chest. This allows him to release tearing blasts of air to rip a person apart, or to fire off blasts of air to fly in bursts, "Ripping and Hopping like his name suggests".

He also has the ability to use his lungs and faint winds in combo to hear great distances, feeling the wind with his lungs to spy on people.


Jack is deranged, obsessed with killing and tearing people apart, especially women. He has an extremely giddy playful personality, mocking and taunting people as he maliciously attacks.


"Ripper Hopper? Who's that?! I'm Jack the Ripper!"

"Nobody stop me!!!"

Trivia Edit

  • Ripper Hopper is inspired by and named after a real world unidentified serial killer (dubbed Jack the Ripper by investigators) generally believed to have been active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888. His manorisms and personality are common in pop culture representations of Jack the Ripper.
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