Polar Route is a group of scientists and researchers originally funded by Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Based in Germany and Britain, it has many branches of research, including weaponry, and new forms and modifications of Frankensteins.

As Elm stated, "According to Ashuhito, they are they successors to Dr. Victor Frankenstein, both in spirit and in intention". A secret society, whos branches are usually hidden in churches

It's current top researcher is Dr. Richter Senior, who invented the 8 Specialized Types; Frankensteins with special improved bodily functions beyond any other researching. Examples include Ripper Hopper, and John Doe.

Branch owners aid members, trading anti-Frankenstein weapons and aiding in the repairs and maintenance to Frankensteins. A person "Marked" by polar route has their death made top priority by all members, Dr. Peaberry is one of these Marked individuals.

Inventions of Polar Route include the rocket pistol, and Ashuhitos modified leg.