Mary Jane Kelly
Name Mary Jane Kelly
Kanji メアリ=ジェーン=ケリー
Romanji Meari = Jēn = Kerī
Race Frankenstein
Gender Female
Relatives Edel Violet Kelly (daughter)

Robert Weiss (ex-husband)

Manga Debut Chapter 12
A Frankenstein created by a Doctor working for the British Empire. Made from the final victim of Jack the Ripper, the intent was to interrogate her for information once she was complete. She was a failure of a Frankenstein however, killing her creator and escaping.

Before she died, Mary was married to Lord Weiss and had Violet with him. For reasons that haven't been explained, she took Violet to London, where she became a prostitute and gained a debt. After she died, her daughter inherited the debt.


Her memories and personality warped, Mary is a broken Frankenstein. After tearing off her arms to escape the British Government, and killing her creator, Mary began to wander London, singing and looking for her Daughter, Violet.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is partially inspired by Mary Shelley the English novelist best known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein. Mary Jane Kelly was also the name of Jack the Ripper's last victim.
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