Little Rose
Name Little Rose
Kanji リトル・ロゼ
Romanji Ritoru Roze
Race Human
Gender Female
Affiliations Polar Route
Special Skill Thread Master
Manga Debut Oneshot 1
A woman who was told by the Polar Route to follow John Doe and make sure he never recovers his memory. She also maintains his body.


Rose is very skilled in the maintenance of Frankensteins, repairing and tuning John Doe as she follows him. She also is skilled in using her surgical tools, namely needles and steel thread, as lethal weapons.


Normally appearing ditzy and timid, Rose hides a cold cut-throat personality. She coldly dispatches of anyone she deems as wicked, and takes her job as John Does watcher with dead seriousness. She is also quite intelligent, and prone to long explanations.

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