John Doe
Name John Doe
Race Frankenstein


Age Over 150 years.
Gender Male
Affiliations Polar Route(former)

Mike Roft(current)

Relatives Doktor Richter(creator)

Victor Von Frankenstein(creator)

Hildegard Peaberry(former lover)

Ability Specialized Circulatory System
Manga Debut Oneshot 1

chapter 22

John Doe, Aka "The One", is one of the major characters in the Embalming series. He is the 6th of the Eight Specialized Types created by Dr. Richter known as "The Ultimate Eight". John Doe was brought back as a Frankenstein, but went berserk shortly after. He killed Elm L. Renegade and tore of the right leg of Ashuhito. John however has no memory of this or anything of his past. Dr. Peaberry knows John Doe's past but she refuses to say anything other than she wants him dead. Later, it was revealed that John Doe was the original creation of Victor Von Frankenstein, surviving his apparent suicide in the Arctic.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Super-human strength: John was able to stop the full force of a modified Frankenstein, and tear many more apart, with his bare hands.

Super-human Endurance: As a Frankenstein, John can take attacks from regular weapons taking little to no damage in the process.

Super-human speed and reflexes: John, as a Frankenstein, is able to move faster than any human. He was also capable of blocking an attack from Muskel while he was moving faster than the human eye could see.

Specialized Circulatory System: An ability which can be only used by John. John`s hematopoietic cells produce a seemingly endless supply of blood, his heart (called "Forsaken Heart") pumps blood at extremely high pressures and his blood gushes out from the scars on his body at an extreme high velocity. With it, he was able to completely flood the London sewers and turn the Thames red, killing dozens of Frankensteins in the process.

  • Briar Cross!!!: John's blood gushes out from the cross shaped scars on his body, which can be fond on his palms and chest, at an extreme high velocity. The pressurized blast of blood with a cross like shape is capable of tearing apart flesh, steel, and anything else in it´s way.
  • Briar Cross Barrage!: John creates multiple Briar crosses consecutively.
  • Blood manipulation: John Specialized Circulatory System allows him to manipulate the blood of others besides his own blood, through the absorption of said blood, as it is shown during his fight with Muskel. With this ability, John can fight indefinitely by killing his opponents, absorbing their blood and then use said blood to continue the fight.
  • Circulatory System Specialized Red Cells stimulation: John accumulates and compresses the oxygen carrying erythrocytes in his right arm. This ends up boosting his strength and movement speed for an instant, like a bomb going off.
  • Circulatory System Specialized Platelets super hardness: John hardens his own blood, which he them can use to make a makeshift shield.
  • Specialized function Leukocytes!!: John Doe`s white blood cells are capable of recognizing the organic tissue that his blood touches as a foreign body and melt said foreign body until it is incinerated.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Human Personality:[edit | edit source]

When he was alive, John was already an amnesiac who even forgot his real name. He had some memory problems and was frightened on how the citizens of Ingolstadt coexisted with Frankensteins. He found it disturbing on how they want to live on as Frankensteins and was secretly appalled by it.

As a human, even without his memories, John had a kind heart with a deep desire to protect those in need.

Frankenstein Personality:[edit | edit source]

As a Frankenstein, John is extremely selfish and cold hearted. Most of his kind demeanor is gone, although John still sometimes shows concern for others.

John is an amnesiac, with no memoreis from the time he was human, however he does not have any interest in his past. John only has the desire to enjoy his "bonus life" and his past does not matter to him.

Personality (Oneshot)[edit | edit source]

John comes off as extremely selfish and his only goal is to gain a Frankenstein Bride. He plans to accomplish this by roaming around, killing Frankensteins and scientists for other people in exchange for the body parts of beautiful women. He enjoys tormenting Little Rose, and prefers people who speak honestly then those who pretend to be innocent.

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