Hildegard Peaberry
Name Hildegard Peaberry
Kanji ヒルデガルド=ピーベリー
Romanji Hirudegarudo = Pīberī
Race Human
Birthday January 30
Gender Female
Heigth 173cm
Weigth 59kg
Origin Ingolstadt, Germany
Blood Type AB
Zodiac Aquarius
Affiliations Polar Route(former)


Relatives Fury Flatliner (creation)

Tigerlily Coffin(creation)

John Doe(former lover)

Likes Cigarettes, Coffee
Dislikes Frankensteins and their creators
Hobby Collecting underwear
Special Skill Creating and maintening Frankensteins
Manga Debut Chapter 1

A German doctor who came to the Scottish Highlands to study the Frankenstein. She helps save Edel and then travels to London with Fury. 10 years ago she was in Polar Route and an assistant to Ashuhit's father, Doktor Richter, she used the Richter family's secret technology to turn Fury into a Frankenstein. Her quest is to destroy the eight special type Frankensteins created by Doktor Richter, that's why she makes Fury the ninth special type in order to destroy the rest.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Frankenstein creation: Peaberry is one of the most skilled Frankenstein creators to ever exist, being only inferior to Doktor Rickter and Victor Von Frankenstein. She is the only Frankenstein creator besides Rickter capable of creating a special type Frankenstein. She also helped in the creation of Tigerlily, one of the "Ultimate 8". Peaberry can also do maintenance and repairs in Frankensteins.

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