Fury Flatliner
Fury Flatliner.jpg
Name Fury Flatliner
Kanji ヒューリー=フラットライナー
Romanji Hyūrī = Furattorainā
Race Frankenstein


Birthday May 1
Age 18 (at the moment of death)
Gender Male
Heigth 190cm
Weigth 85kg
Origin England Highlands
Blood Type A
Zodiac Taurus
Affiliations Hildegard Peaberry
Relatives Dr. Peaberry (creator)
Ability Specialized Motor System
Likes Venison steak, Children, Animals
Dislikes Frankensteins and their creators
Hobby Nature walks
Special Skill Knife handling
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Five years before the start of the story, the parents of Fury, Wraith, and Edel were killed by the Frankenstein Titan. He and Wraith eventually kill Titan, but both were mortally wounded during the fight. Hildegard Peaberry found him, and turned him into a Frankenstein for the purpose of destroying all other Frankensteins, especially Doktor Richter's "Ultimate Eight". She gave him special powers and made him the 9th special type. They travel to London on his quest to destroy all of the Frankensteins, including his former friend Wraith who after becoming a Frankenstein killed Edel.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Knifemanship: Fury possess great skill with knifes. When he combines his knifes skills with his enhanced strength and speed along side his specialized motor system, Fury can kill most Frankensteins with ease.

Survival Skills: Fury is very skilled at wilderness survival.

Frankenstein detection: Fury seems to be able to detect and sense Frankensteins, making his job to hunt them easier.

Super human strength: Fury possesses extreme levels of strength and tenacity, able to stop a one ton axe with ease.

Super human speed: Having the Specialized Motor System, Fury is faster then most Frankensteins and is able to move as fast as lightning. Most Frankesteins are incapable of tracking his movements and he can even create 'An Afterimage of Electricity' with his speed alone.

Super human reflexes: By using the Specialized Motor System, Fury can control the flow of electricity within his body to instantly increase the reaction time of his nerves. With this ability Fury has a reaction time superior that any human.

Super human durability: As a Frankenstein, normal weapons have no affect on Fury's body.

Specialized Motor System: He is called by Dr. Peaberry 'The 9th Special Type' with a specialized Motor System which gives him electricity powerful enough to emit from his body. This electricity comes from the plug bolt in his neck which, when activated, creates scarf-like lightning bolt around his neck (called 'The Scarf of Lightning') that allows him to emit massive volts of electricity from his body. These blasts of electricity damage and burn Frankensteins and their circuitry, allowing him to deal finishing blows with his knives. It also enhances his motor muscles to move at a level imperceptible to the human eye, creating 'An Afterimage of Electricity' in the process. His specialized Motor System also gives him the ability to create a Galvanic Current (or to those involved with Frankensteins a Corpse Current) that allows him to manipulate parts of his body that are severed.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As his name implies, Fury has inside of him a deep and powerful rage. When it unleashes, he goes nearly mad, cutting down every enemy in front of him in a blind anger. He is otherwise surprisingly gentle, protecting people and trying to be as nice as he can to avoid scaring them.

After his transformation into a Frankenstein, he retained all of his memories, but his personality seems to have been affected. Now his bursts of rage and anger were even greater and more frequent, so much so that Wraith commented that he had become obsessed with revenge.

He hates all Frankensteins for what they did to the living. He also hates Frankenstein creators who went mad with their warped desires by killing living people. Fury is angered on how Frankensteins and their creators view the living as materials for research and their disregard for them. He vowed to kill all the Frankensteins along side their creators until none of them are left, regardless of who protects them.

Fury respect for life is so huge that he hates the ones who disregard it. He believes that people should live and die on their own accord and not resurrect as a walking plague among the living.

He is constantly fascinated by modern technology, leading many characters to consider Fury a "hick".

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