Name Friedhöff
Kanji “墓場の住人”(フリートヘーフェ)
Romanji Furītohēfe
Race Frankenstein


Gender Male
Origin a village within Europe
Affiliations The Doctor
Relatives The Doctor (creator)

Kiefer (sister)

Manga Debut Oneshot 2

A Frankenstein created by The Doctor. Its name translates to "Courtyard" or "Cemetery". Friedhöff was a massive Frankenstein made from hundreds of bodies that had all been strung and melded together. However, despite its monstrous size, it was actually quite weak and had very low intelligence.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The greatest strength of Friedhöff is the mass of bodies that make up its form, which are normally underground, allowing Friedhöff to bind its opponents using its arms or impale them with spears whilst keeping itself hidden beneath the dirt.

Unfortunately, due to being constructed by someone with little skill, Friedhöff lacked power and (though it had multiple bodies) it only had a single body to contained its bolts which powered the rest of its mass, giving the big cluster of meat an equally big weak spot for its foe(s) to exploits.

Personality[edit | edit source]

For the most part, Friedhöff has no personality beyond serving The Doctor. Once most of its body was destroyed and its master killed, the core demonstrated nothing but inhuman aggression.

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