Name Friedhöff
Kanji “墓場の住人”(フリートヘーフェ)
Romanji Furītohēfe
Race Frankenstein
Gender Male
Relatives The Doctor (creator)

Kiefer (sister)

Manga Debut Oneshot 2
A Frankenstein created by The Doctor. Its name translates to Courtyard or Cemetery. It is a massive Frankenstein made from hundreds of bodies, all strung and melded together. Though it is huge, it is quite weak, as it has low mental ability and power.


The majority of Friedhöff is the mass of bodies, which normally is underground. It can be powerful when hiding, attacking with arms and spears while hidden beneath the earth, but its body seems weak and its construction done by someone without proper skill. Friedhöff has a core, which is a single body with its bolts. It powers the rest of the mass.


For the most part, Friedhöff has no personality beyond serving The Doctor. Once most of its body and its master are killed in an electrical explosion, the core demonstates nothing but inhuman aggression.

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