Frederick Abberline
Name Frederick Abberline
Kanji フレデリック=アバーライン
Romanji Furederikku = Abārain
Race Human
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 11

Chief Inspector for the London Metropolitan Police, Abberline is in charge of the Jack the Ripper case and has turned to Frankenstein science to gain more information. Throughout the series, he is the comic relief character.


A competent investigator, it was his efforts that unearthed the secret society of Polar Route, leading to its partnership with the British Government it had hidden from for so long. Abberline is a marksman, using a modified advanced pistol.


Usually frightened by Frankensteins, he tries to maintain a serious form, but tends to fail. He insists mothers and daughters should get along, more then anything else.


Based on a real life figure, Abberline has his own Wikipedia page.

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