The banned books containing Dr. Frankensteins notes.

A "Frankenstein" is a non-human monster created from human body parts through an unorthodox scientific method. They are "Humans that are not human" and their name comes from a Gothic novel from the early 19th century written by Mary Shelley called Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

Fury calls them "a ghost with a physical body", while according to Lord Corpse they are "beings who, by dying, overcame death itself!".

History[edit | edit source]

The process used to create Frankensteins was invented by Dr. Victor Frankenstein roughly 150 years before the main plot of the manga.

Now in the present, Frankenstein research has advanced a lot. Frankensteins now come in so many variations that not even Polar Route knows all of them.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • In order to create a Frankenstein, one must first have the knowledge within Victor Frankenstein's banned books, where it is written the process of Frankenstein creation.
  • After that one must, at least, have decent surgical skills and medical equipment in order to perform the operation. Due to this requirement, many Frankenstein creators used to be doctors or medical practitioners, such as Robert Weiss and The Doctor.
  • Finally, one must have the following materials and conditions: human body parts, electrodes, 1.21 gigawatts of electricity (which normally originates from a lighting bolt), and an environment with a temperature of bellow 0 Celsius.

Fundamental Laws[edit | edit source]

  • A Frankenstein can be made of any number of corpses, but its memories and personality tend to be almost random. It may carry memories from its old life, but it's personality may be warped beyond recognition. It may be the same person, but with no memories. In the worst case, it becomes a monster with no memories and no mind. Because of this, Frankenstein Creation can't be used as a method to bring the dead back to life or to achieve immortality, since no Frankenstein has ever been born with its original human mind intact. This flaw presente within Frankenstein creation can never be fully overridden, not even by the best Frankenstein creators to ever exist.
  • The more of a person's original body is used to create a Frankenstein the better the result of the operation will be. A Frankenstein created from just one person's body is of higher quality then a Frankenstein made from multiple corpses.
  • Frankensteins are not necessary loyal towards their creators. According to Ashuhito, a Frankenstein killing it's creator is not an uncommon occurrence. However when an human is loyal towards a person they tend to obey said person after becoming a Frankenstein, being Shade a good exemple. Frankenstein creators also have ways to make their creations obey them, such as using remotes and visual recognition.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

A Frankenstein is far more powerful then a human, needing little rest and having strength, speed and endurance that could never be achieved by a human.

They do not age and they can live for hundreds of years, as long as the supply of resources and maintenance are continued.

Some scientists are able to design specialized Frankensteins with improved functions. A basic example would be Lord Cadaver's Zapper, which had immense strength, while an advanced example would be Dr. Richter's 8 advanced Frankensteins, which are capable of massive destruction.

Weakness[edit | edit source]

While certainly powerful, Frankensteins are far from being invincible.

A Frankenstein must undergo periodic maintenance in order live. This maintenance is done to prevent decay, to cleanse bodily fluids and to fortify the voltage.

Every Frankenstein has electrodes somewhere on their body. These electrodes are used to pump electricity into their bodys, creating a corpse current (also known as Galvanic Current) that it is used to animated the Frankenstein. Because of this, Frankensteins need to recharge their electrodes through maintenance, every once in a while, and if these electrodes are broken the electricity used to animate the Frankenstein's body would cease to flow and said Frankenstein would die. This makes the Electrodes one of the Major weak-points of all Frankensteins.

If a Frankenstein is exposed to high amounts of electricity their flesh will become sutured, flesh which breaks apart easily. This makes the Frankenstein extremely vulnerable to attacks.

Under certain circumstances a Frankenstein can experience an Overload. The electrodes can no longer support the Galvanic current causing the Frankenstein's body to be paralyze. This only happened once in the series, where Fury experiences an Overload due to his immense anger.

Frankesnteins made from multiple bodies are much more fragile then common Frankensteins, due to the lack of a base. In the case of a specialized Frankenstein, such as Elm, the lack of a base and the high consumption of energy (used to maintain the special abilities) makes her slowly fall into an eternal slumber.

Trivial[edit | edit source]

  • A motto of both Polar Route and Blitz, as well as doctors and Frankensteins in general, is that anybody who would ever willingly involve themselves in the world of Frankensteins is either evil or insane.
  • 1.21 gigawatts is a reference to one of the favorite movies of the author "Back to the Future", in which a lighting bolt generates this amount of power.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gourmet Frankenstein created by Dr.Richter

Scale Frankenstein created by Dr.Richter

Mole Frankenstein created by Dr.Richter.

A Scarecrow Frankenstein doing his job

A Minotaur Frankenstein doing his job

Gospel Frankensteins singing

A dragon-type Frankenstein

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