Name Exoskeleton
Race Frankenstein


Gender None
Affiliations Polar Route(former)

Blitz Guruda

Relatives Doktor Richter(creator)
Ability Specialized Skeletal system
Manga Debut chapter 23

Exoskeleton is the 1st of the eight specialized Frankensteins created by Doktor Richter known as "The Ultimate Eight". Mindless and soulless, it was primarily used as armor by Wraith.

When Wraith decided to betray Lord Corpse, he was turned into a conduit to give Exoskeleton a "soul". This was done through Lord Corpse's electrodes that were given to Wraith after he joined Blitz Guruda.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Created to be host the specialized skeletal system, the formation of Exoskeleton's body was a resounding success, but his mind failed completely rendering it unable to think nor speak, but if connected to another person's brain, Exoskeleton could alter its form, making them the perfect armor and weapon.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mindless and soulless, Exoskeleton does not have a personality and is incapable of moving on it's own.

After gaining a "soul" through Lord Corpse's experiment, Exoskeleton acquired a personality, although it was more or less nothing but a savage beast which destroyed and killed everything around itself.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Specialized Skeletal System: By changing its form and connecting to Wraith's brain, Exoskeleton is able to unleash its full capabilities as one of the "Ultimate Eight".

  • Reflex: Exoskeleton's empty brain will unerringly and automatically take defensive actions to protect itself. By borrowing Wraith's cerebellum, which governs motion, Exoskeleton acts like a circuit which instinctively react to external triggers where every action is unchecked by even a single fleeting thought.
  • Auto-Revenge: When successfully attacked, Exoskeleton will automatically counterattack in kind.
  • Bone Manipulation: As the Specialized Skeletal System Frankenstein, Exoskeleton is able to change it's structure and manipulate the shape of its bones to an extreme high degree. Exoskeleton can shape its spine and coccyx into a scorpion-like tail and form its arms into clubs, but its most impressive feat was transforming into a gigantic behemoth who's immense size allowed it to damage nearby buildings.
  • Dense Bones: The bones of Exoskeleton have been said to be harder then steel itself.
  • Possession: After the reconstruction of his soul, Exoskeleton becomes capable of taking over the body of others by hijacking the victim's central motor system. He used this ability on Wraith and tried to use it on Fury too, after the formers death.

Ein's base form

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