Exoskeleton is the 1st of the eight specialized Frankensteins created by Doktor Richter known as "The Ultimate Eight". Mindless and soulless, it was used as Armor by Wraith while in this form it can attack by using its spine as a tail with a spear like coccyx, the tail bone, to attack like a scorpion with it's stinger, it also great speed which is because of 'Reflex' which allows it to automatically take defensive actions to protect itself, it does this by borrowing Wraiths cerebellum which governs motion reacting instinctively to external triggers without a single fleeting thought. When it is actually successfully attacked it does what is called 'Auto-Revenge' in which it automatically attacks its attacker mercilessly. It was also shown forming bone clubs from its arms. However when Wraith decided to betray Lord Corpse he used a modifications in the electrodes he had given to Wraith to make him into a conduit to give Exoskeleton a "soul". Rampaging, it was destroyed by Fury.

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