Elm L. Renegade
Name Elm L. Renegade
Kanji エルム=L=レネゲイド
Romanji Erumu = L = Renegeido
Race Frankenstein
Birthday August 5
Age According to her, she is 23 (died 10 years ago at age of 13)
Gender Female
Heigth 145cm
Weigth 45kg
Origin Ingolstadt, Germany
Blood Type B
Zodiac Leo
Likes Asuhito, Sweets, Stuffed animals
Dislikes Bad people, Bad things, Her electrodes
Hobby Afternoon tea, Nursing
Special Skill Removing her skin
Manga Debut Oneshot 2
Chapter 5

Elm L. Renegade is the 7th of the Eight Specialized Frankenstein created by Dr. Richter known as "The Ultimate Eight", who is traveling with Ashuhito Richter.

History Edit

Elm was killed by John Doe and turned into a Frankenstein by Ashuhit's father since he was his girlfriend, though she doesn't know this.

Appearance Edit

Elm's body is that of a thirteen year old since that is the age at which she died.


Little is known about Elm before her death, though she seemed to be very scared of lightning, and quite fond of Ashuhit. After her death, and upon her becoming a Frankenstein, she continued to be fond of Ashuhit, but also enjoyed lightning from then on.

She has a very childish personality, seeing the good in everything and loving long naps and sweets. She is very kind towards strangers, helping them at risk of her own life for almost no reason.

She has said her goal is to find her creator, which she never knew was Ashuhit's father, and have him modify her body into an adult body. She seems to be happy when she is with Ashuhit though, and will probably follow him for as long as she can.


As 7th in the line of eight specialized Frankensteins created by Dr. Richter she has a specialized Integumentary system ( The system of the body comprised of the skin, hair, and nails.) which gives her skin special abilities ; like hardening it for protection, softening it to increase her jump, and shed her skin to speed up recovery from injuries. She can also turn her hand into a vacuum that can be used to tear off a persons skin or limbs, and lengthen/sharpen her nails to cut and slice enemies.

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