Edel Violet Kelly
Name Edel Violet Kelly
Kanji エーデル=ヴァイオレット=ケリー
Romanji Ēderu = Vuaioretto = Kerī
Race Human
Birthday February 19
Age 16
Gender Female
Heigth 162cm
Weigth 50kg
Origin Highlands, England
Blood Type O
Zodiac Aquarius
Relatives Mary Jane Kelly (mother)

Robert Weiss (father)

Manga Debut Chapter 14
Edel "Violet" Kelly is the daughter of Lord Weiss and Mary Jane Kelly. She was born in Lord Weiss' mansion, but was taken from there after a short while by her mother. Taken to London, she was forced to becom a prostitute at 13 after she inherited her late mothers debt. She later became a mudlark.


Edel attaches great affection to the other mudlarks, and considers them her real family. She denies ever being "Edel" now, insisting she is simply "Violet the mudlark".

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