Cadaverick Spasm
Name Cadaverick Spasm
Kanji カタヴェリック=スパスム
Romanji Katavuerikku = Supasumu
Race Frankenstein


Gender Male
Affiliations Himself
Relatives Unknown creator
Ability Skin Fortification
Manga Debut Chapter 6

A stray Frankenstein. As a human he was a criminal who was given the death penalty, his creator died in an electrical accident during his creation. After working for the Polar Route Priest for a short time, he killed the priest and went to attack Elm and Ashuhito to steal his money. He is later killed by the pair.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Frankenstein Physiology[edit | edit source]

As a Frankenstein, Cadaverick has a more powerful body that any human being. He has super human strength, speed and durability.

Fortified Skin Modification.[edit | edit source]

Like Elm, Cadaverick is a Frankenstein with a specialized Integumentary System. A rare Frankenstein in the sense that he is specialized, but not built by Dr. Richter, Harpy considered him on par with the Frankensteins of Dr. Richter. His ability manifests in the form of turning his skin into stone, and growing horns of stone to fire like bullets using his muscles. He uses this for long range and melee attacks, using it to rob and kill people.

His skin was able to negate any damage from the priests Rocket Pistol, but was useless against Ashuhito's Eisen Der Arms electrified bullets.

Cadaverick also uses a technique where he encases his entire body in a spiked boulder, to completely crush a person.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As a human, Cadaverick was a criminal with a simple lazy personality.

"Working was too much trouble, so he stole.

Stealth was too much trouble, so he robbed.

Intimidation was too much trouble, so he killed.

And then he got the death penalty."

As a Frankenstein, Harpy stated that the circumstances of his birth led to mental corruption. Despite this, little seems to have actually changed. Cadaverick kills people without care or notice, taking what he wants with no regard for them. Cadaverick enjoys being a Frankenstein stating that being one is perfect, if it wasn't for the maintenance which is "too expensive" according to him.

Before he died, he begged Ashuhito for mercy, showing some cowardice.

Cadavericks Boulder skill

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