A Frankenstein, and a member of Blitz Guruda. His electrodes bear the Japanese wording for "death", meaning his was constructed in Blitz. He was Dr. Peaberrys guard breifly, ordered to keep her in her room, but was defeated by her and modified into her tool. He was later killed by a blow from Tigerlily for his incompetence.


Black Skull appears to be quite weak. An ordinary Frankenstein, he was defeated by Dr. Peaberry, seemingly with little effort. While using his body as a puppet, he was able to kill another Frankenstein of equal rank with no effort.


Black Skull seemed confident in his powers, mocking Dr. Peaberry as he watched her. He was dumbfounded when she beat him, expressing nothing but confusion when he was momentarily free of her controll.


His name was given out in an extra at the end of the chapter he was introduced in.


Dr. Peaberry, controlling Black Skull and wearing his body like a suit.

"The Frankenstein that Peaberry modded (Black Skull) was based on a design I had for one of the 8 special types. He's small potatoes, but looks fairly strong."

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