Azalea Millet
Name Azalea Millet
Kanji アザレア=ミレー
Romanji Azarea = Mirē
Race Human
Age 19
Gender Female
Origin Liverpool, England
Manga Debut Chapter 6

Azalea is a young woman who was working as barmaid in The Ship and Anchor pub. She was bullied by the mans in there, that is getting older and still don't have a husband, so that she should hurry and find one. Her butt got touched by one man, and she decided that one touch worth's 10 Pence. But seeing how popular was and everyone was ready to give 10 pence, she raised the price at 10 shillings, in a way hoping no one will agree. Accidentally a man, named Philip, hit her butt with his face and she immediately demanded the 10 shillings. He was actually being toyed by some outsiders. Who also trow a bottle at Azalea, but he protected her. Being a gentleman and from a rich family, he couldn't just give her money, so he returned with 10 pounds worth of roses. They fall in love and he proposed her. But being from different classes, they weren't allowed to get married. The Pub got change of owner, presumably Philip's father buying it, and Azalea got fired. So they escaped and decided to go to Gretna Green, a place where everyone can get married. In reality Azalea's plan was to take the money from Philip and escape, but after meeting Elm, the plan started to change. While traveling with Elm, they got attacked by a Frankenstein, who was thinking that Philip was Ashuhito. Azalea was able to escape from the help of Philip. While running she met with Ashuhito, and they returned to help Elm and Philip. After they saved them, Philip was in critical condition and Azalea stopped the first carriage, which turned out to be men who work for his father. They had order to return him safely and to give a message to her: is she ever return to Liverpool, she will regret it. Later after hearing the story behind Ashuhito and Elm, Philip and Azalea realized that they where lacking strength and resolve and decided both to return to Liverpool and fight for their love.

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