Ashuhito Richter
Name Ashuhito Richter
Kanji アシュヒト=リヒター
Romanji Ashuhito = Rihitā
Race Human
Birthday November 22
Age 22
Gender Male
Heigth 185cm
Weigth 76kg (without the prosthesis)
Origin Ingolstadt, Germany
Blood Type AB
Zodiac Scorpio
Relatives Doktor Richter (father)
Likes Science, Medicine
Dislikes Religion, Superstition
Hobby Reading
Special Skill Maintaining Frankensteins
Manga Debut Oneshot 2
Chapter 5.5

Ashuhito Richter is a twenty-two year old nobleman from Ingolstadt, Germany, son of the number one Frankenstein researcher, and a member of Polar Route who specializes in maintaining Frankensteins.

Appearance Edit

Ashuhito's right leg was torn off by John Doe, it is now a mechanical prosthetic that gives the limb super strength, holds ammo magazines, and has the ability to control electricity. His quest is to find a way to turn Elm fully back into a human.

Personality Edit


Gifted with the genius lineage of his father, Ashuhito is highly skilled in the tuning of Frankensteins. Able to repair and maintain Elm with ease, his skill was sought even by the xenophobic Frankensteins of Blitz Guruda. He uses Polar Route designed Anti-Frankenstein weapons to fight any Frankenstein who gets in the way of his goal.

Panzer Das Bein: His prosthetic right leg, which allows for super strength strikes, and hides an electric antenna to conduct large amounts of electricity. It also holds magazines for his other weapon.

Eisen Der Arm: A .50 caliber gun that charges its bullets with electricity, "disrupting the galvanic current" in a Frankenstein to weaken the target. The bullets were able to tear though Cadaverick Spasms rock hard skin as with ease.


Eisen Der Arm

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